Announcing Trans-Cascadia Excursions

Over the last three years, Trans-Cascadia has made a name for itself as the backcountry race with great riding and good vibes. Racers come from all over the world attend the sellout event to experience all that the Pacific North West has to offer.

From the epic trails that cross mountain tops, wind through old growth forests, and offer sustained gravity fed singletrack, to the gourmet meals under the stars back at camp, the event has created a truly unique niche in the stage racing world. Trans-Cascadia Excursions is the natural extension of the race that will allow small groups to take in all that the Cascade Mountain Range has to offer. 

From the beginning, as a mountain biker, you have had to be self-reliant to find your way – to look at maps, ask questions, make mistakes, and get lost. It’s nice to break a familiar riding routine by venturing out and experiencing something new while someone else takes care of all the details that make a vacation truly a vacation. The Trans-Cascadia team has spent years looking for trails and experiences that didn’t yet exist. They’ve looked for uncharted territory and ways to connect with nature that can be hard to come by these days – especially on a mountain bike. And they want to show you what they’ve found!

These private, all-inclusive, multi-day mountain bike adventures will take you riding and camping in some of the most remote areas of Oregon and Washington’s forests. Experienced guides will lead you through expansive alpine meadows, through bench-cut trails with fade-away corners, and down flowy and rugged pumptrack style valleys. The style of riding available is as vast as the area in which the tours will be lead. They have over a decade of experience exploring and advocating for trail access in the Pacific North West and are confident that whether you are a local or a visitor to the area you find incredible riding and scenery to create lasting memories. 

The tours will operate in Oregon and Washington and access some of the most remote singletrack in the United States.  In Oregon, they operate within the entire Willamette National Forest.  This area stretches along the western slope of Oregon’s Cascade Range from Mount Jefferson south to Windigo Pass near Diamond Lake and includes the Old Cascade Crest, McKenzie River area, and the entire Oakridge network of trails. This national forest is 1.7 million acres in size and includes mountains and valleys that range from about 1,500 feet to over 10,000 feet in vertical at the summits of the Three Sisters and Mount Jefferson. 

Guided trips are available in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams. This national forest is located in southern Washington and boasts an area of 1.32 million acres. It extends along the western slopes of the Cascade Range from Mount Rainier National Park to the Columbia River and straddles the crest of the South Cascades. This vast area includes old growth forests, high mountain meadows, several glaciers and numerous volcanic peaks. Mount Adams is the highest peak in this park at 12,276 feet; the second highest volcano in the state after Mount Rainier. The 110,000-acre Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is also included in this park. 

During the multi-day trips, a private gourmet chef will prepare the menu of your choosing. The Trans-Cascadia team takes their food and beer very seriously and puts an emphasis on using the best possible ingredient from their region. Stumptown Coffee will be starting your mornings off right and Pfriem beer will cap off your evenings in camp. For single day tours, lunch and ‘post-ride snack-packs’ are provided: a beer, a tequila, and nourishment! 

With Trans-Cascadia Excursions you will be able to experience all the best parts of a riding road-trip with friends, but with the luxury of knowing exactly where to find the best trails, the best camp spots, and, of course, the best food. Experience something new but let them take care of all the details so you can arrive with your bike and get out on the trails as soon as possible. 

A selection of 8 itineraries is available this year with limited spots, including; a Trans-Cascadia Excursion in August, a variety of single and multi-day trips through Washington and Oregon, and women’s riding trip including yoga. Trans-Cascadia Excursions is also working with leading industry brands to create content, develop new products, and – straight up entertain! There is no better way to tell your story than through adventure and shared experience. So, whether its personal or business, contact the Trans-Cascadia team and let them design the perfect trip for you! 

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